I began my journey in mechanical engineering by completing an Associate’s degree. I did not stop there and went on to pursue a Master’s degree, which remains unfinished. And I am still equipped with advanced knowledge and skills.

A part of my mechanical engineering journey includes setting up and operating various CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. These are computer-controlled machines that are vital for manufacturing processes. Possessing this skill is a testament to his technical proficiency and hands-on approach.

In addition to operating CNC machines, I also have experience programming them using software like GibbsCAM. This software uses a graphical design for programming CNC machine tools. It allows the user to simulate the operation of the machine and eliminate any potential issues before actual production. 

Transitioning from mechanical engineering, I participated in the transportation business, partially as a fleet manager. Our team was able to increase the company to a sizeable fleet of 63 vehicles. This role required strategic planning, organization, and a keen eye for detail to ensure efficient fleet operations.

Some of my responsibilities were planning and researching the purchase of new vehicles. This task involved replacing the existing fleet and required thorough analysis and foresight. It required understanding the company’s needs, industry trends, and budget constraints to make the most cost-effective decisions.

Moreover, I also had a hand in parts and service negotiation. This role required negotiation skills, technical knowledge, and an understanding of market prices to ensure the company received the best deals and services.

With a solid foundation in mechanical engineering and experience in transportation fleet management, I evolved into a digital entrepreneur. My diverse skill set and experiences have equipped me with the tools to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.