I use my Sony as often as I can

I like to take pictures. When I do, I use my camera or phone. When I have my SONY DSC-RX10iv with me, I’d rather use it instead of the phone.

On some occasions, like museums, some excursions, and most of the videos, the phone is the choice number one. Also, the video capability of the phone, especially in dark areas, little easier to manage.

Video on the camera in 4K requires a lot of memory space. And if I don’t have my two large memory cards, it’s not an option.

When I travel, I prefer to carry my camera with me. With this one, I don’t need to carry additional changeable lenses in a bag. My lens is pretty good. Of course, if I need a zoom larger than 600 mm (35 mm film equivalent). I’m out of luck. It happens, not very often.

Also, I have various pictures of some birds and animals.